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The Benefits of Using Coconut Oil in Your Hair!




The benefits of using coconut oil in your hair!


  1. Rub in your hair can shield it from damaged cause by heat styling and UV rays.
  2. Antibacterial and anti fungal compounds also help stop dandruff and hair loss.
  3. Rub a dab of the oil through your hair saturating the roots wait 20 minutes then shampoo as usual. (You won’t need to apply a hair conditioner).
  4. Rub a dab in your hands then through hair to help cut frizz.
  5. Rub a dab on your split ends to de-frizz them.
  6. Rub some in your hair  and leave in longer (2 hours) for a more intense hair conditioning.
  7. Rubbing a small amount in your scalp daily can stimulate hair growth.

How to use Coconut Oil step by step instructions:


Celebrate 10/31 – Halloween

Today is Oct. 31

  • Halloween
  • Frankenstein Day
  • Books For Treats Day
  • National Caramel Apple Day
  • National Knock-Knock Jokes Day
  • National UNICEF Day
  • Scare a Friend Day
  • National Magic Day


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