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Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

Refrigerator Cleaning Tips


  • Chrome Doors  – Windex and a few paper towels works wonders to improve shine.
  • Black High Gloss Doors – Wash with a dish washing liquid, warm water and sponge let dry and then use Windex to get a high gloss shine.
  • Continuous Inside Deodorizer – Baking soda  leave an open box in the fridge and replace it every three months for continuous deodorizing.
  • Faster Fix for Odors –  sprinkle vanilla extract on some cotton balls, place in a shallow dish and put in the refrigerator. Orange extract also works. (Then use a box of baking soda for continuous odor deodorizer).
  • Freshly Ground Coffee – placed in a small dish at the back of the fridge, also works very well at absorbing odors.
  • Cleaning Shelving & Drawers– Wipe down shelving and drawers with warm water and dish washing soap.


Surprising Uses for Windex

Surprising Uses for Windex



  1. Restore shine on patent shoes or purses, just spray on and wipe.
  2. Removes strains from carpet pour a little on the stain rub with a wet sponge or cloth.
  3. Spray Windex on bathroom fixtures for a shine.
  4. Spray Windex on stove top to remove grease.
  5. Spray on a dirty pan spray Windex in the pan and wipe with a paper towel then wash as usual.

Cleaning TIps



  1. Lampshade use a lint brush to remove dust.
  2. WD-40 and a  microfiber cloth cleans off crayons from flat screen.
  3. Stove burners soak in ammonia and rinse repeat if necessary.
  4. Clean cookie sheets with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide layer it baking soda first and then hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for awhile should wipe clean.
  5. Cleaning your iron, pour salt down on your board and iron it should clean off easily.


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