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Archive for the ‘Celebrate the Month’ Category

Celebrate November with Holidays all Month Long!

1 S All Saints’ Day Christian
1 S Daylight Saving Time ends Clock change/Daylight Saving Time
2 M All Souls’ Day Christian
3 T Election Day State holiday Indiana, New York
10 T Marine Corps Birthday Observance
10 T Diwali/Deepavali Observance
 11 W Veterans Day National holiday
26 Th Thanksgiving Day National holiday
27 F Robert E Lee’s Birthday State holiday Georgia
 27 F Presidents’ Day State holiday New Mexico
27 F Lincoln’s Birthday/Lincoln’s Day State holiday Indiana, West Virginia
 27 F Black Friday State holiday 24 states
27 F American Indian Heritage Day State holiday Maryland
 29 S First Sunday of Advent Christian
30 M Cyber Monday Observance


Birth Stones November birthdays – Topaz and Citrine.

citrinenovember topaznov

November Birth Flower is the Chrysanthemum


Zodiac for November


Scorpio – October 23 – November 21 – Scorpio is intense emotional power probing and penetrating into the unconscious; seeking the power of transformation at work in ordinary reality; seeking to accept all that is frightening or overwhelming.  The house where your Scorpio rules is where you will be challenged to completely transform your life. You seek control in this part of your life and can be manipulative and secretive.


Sagittarius = November 22 – December 21 – Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac.  The Sagittarius is really a centaur — the lower half is horse, the upper half is a man. The man is holding a bow with an arrow aimed upwards toward the sky. This symbolizes the Sagittarius’ drive to overcome basic animal instincts by aiming his thoughts into the divine realms of the heavens.

November is Awareness Month

  • Adoption Month
  • Home Care Month
  • Flu Awareness Month
  • Good Nutrition Month
  • Latin American Month
  • Georgia Pecan Month
  • Real Jewelry Month
  • Aviation History Month
  • Hunger Awareness Month
  • International Drum Month
  • National Alzheimer’s Month (Alzheimer’s Ribbon Graphics)
  • National Sleep Comfort Month
  • National Fragrance Month
  • Native American Heritage Month
  • Marrow Awareness Month
  • Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month
  • Vegan Awareness Month
  • Military Appreciation Month
  • National Stamp Collecting Month
  • Child Safety and Protection Month
  • National Epilepsy Awareness Month (Epilepsy Ribbon Graphics)
  • National Diabetes Awareness Month (Diabetes Ribbon Graphics)
  • International Creative Child & Adult Month
  • International Impotence Education Month
  • National Red Ribbon Month (Red Ribbon Graphics)

Food Holidays for November

Week One
  • Vegetarian Awareness Week
  • Osteopathic Medicine Week
  • Communication Week
  • Split Pea Soup Week
  • Notary Public Week
  • Chemistry Week
Week Two
  • Pursuit Of Happiness Week
  • Random Acts of Kindness Week
  • Operating Room Nurse Week
  • Geography Awareness Week
  • National Children’s Book Week
  • Education Week
Week Three
  • National Family Caregivers Week
  • National Adoption Week
  • Children’s Book Week
Week Four
  • American Educational History Week
  • National Game & Puzzle Week
  • National Care Givers Week
  • Adoption Week
  • Family Week
  • Bible Week

Information from –


August Holidays

1 Sat Colorado Day Local observance Colorado
7 Fri Purple Heart Day Observance
10 Mon Victory Day State holiday Rhode Island
15 Sat Assumption of Mary Christian
16 Sun Bennington Battle Day State holiday Vermont
 17 Mon Bennington Battle Day observed State holiday Vermont
19 Wed National Aviation Day Observance
21 Fri Statehood Day in Hawaii State holiday Hawaii
 21 Fri Senior Citizens Day Observance
26 Wed Women’s Equality Day Observance
27 Th Lyndon Baines Johnson Day State holiday Texas


August Birth Flower – Gladiolus


August Birthstone is Peridot


Zodiac for August


Leo – July 23 – August 22 – is self-expression seeking confidence, ease, and honor in the social world. The house where your Leo rules is where you will be challenged to “shine”; to apply the positive, creative qualities of your sun sign, and find a sense of inner peace.




Virgo – August 23 – September – 22 – Virgo is analysis, refinement, and discrimination seeking perfection and purification of the self. This is the sign of the craftsman.  The house where your Virgo rules is where you will be challenged to analyze your feelings in a practical, unemotional way. Here is where you can serve others in a quiet, unassuming way.

(Information from

August is National Month:

  •  Family Fun Month
  •  Foot Health Month
  •  National Golf Month
  •  Water Quality Month
  •  Hug Month
  •  National Smile
  •  Home Business Month
  •  National Parks Month
  •  Pooh Friendship Month
  •  Family Eye Care Month
  •  National Literacy Month
  •  Admit You’re Happy Month
  •  Children’s Good Manners Month
  •  Child Support Enforcement Month
  •  International Air Travel Month
  •  Little League Baseball Month
  •  Almost Too Late to Get a Tan Month
  •  National Hypnosis Awareness Month
  •  Romance Awareness Month
  •  National Water Quality Month
  •  Medic- Alert Awareness Month
  •  American Artist Appreciation Month
  •  International Breastfeeding Month
  •  Buwan ng Wika (“Language Month”)


Food Holidays for the month:

Week One
  • Video Game Week
  • National Smile Week
  • Simplify your life week
  • World Breastfeeding Week
  • International Clown Week
  • Mosquito Awareness Weekend
Week Two
  • Elvis Week
  • National Apple Week
  • National Bargain Hunting Week
  • National Resurrect Romance Week
  • Knights of Columbus Family Week
Week Three
  • Weird Contest Week
  • National Aviation Week
  • American Dance Week
  • Don’t Wait – Celebrate! Week
  • Thanks for All the Gifts Week
  • Air Conditioning Appreciation Week
Week Four
  • National Veterinary Week
  • Be Kind to Humankind Week
  • Stepparent’s Appreciation Week


You can find all my awareness ribbon graphics here:


August Awareness






July Holidays

Jul 3 Friday Independence Day observed National holiday
Jul 4 Saturday Independence Day National holiday
Jul 13 Monday Lailat al-Qadr Muslim
Jul 18 Saturday Eid al-Fitr Muslim
Jul 24 Friday Pioneer Day State holiday Utah
Jul 26 Sunday Tisha B’Av Jewish holiday
Jul 26 Sunday Parents’ Day Observance

July Birth Flower is Larkspur / Delphinium


July Birthstone is Ruby


Zodiac for July


Cancer – June 21 – July 22 – is healing, nurturing, sensitivity seeking psychological understanding, emotional self-expression, and the capacity to heal others. The house where your Cancer rules is where you will be challenged to create a “safe place” in which to grow emotionally. Here you have deep feelings, and tend to be super-sensitive and defensive.



Leo – July 23 – August 22 – is self-expression seeking confidence, ease, and honor in the social world. The house where your Leo rules is where you will be challenged to “shine”; to apply the positive, creative qualities of your sun sign, and find a sense of inner peace.

Food Holidays for the month:

Weekly Food Holidays:
Week One
  • National Canned Luncheon Meat Week

Week Two
  •  National Canned Luncheon Meat week
Week Three
  • Sunday Sunday is the 3rd Sunday
Week Four
  • Don’t Eat Meat Week
  • National Salad Week


July is National Month of:

  • Tahiti and Her Islands Awareness Month
  • National Get Along with Your Ex Month
  • National Recreation and Park Month
  • National Purposeful Parenting Month
  • National Doghouse Repairs Month
  • National Foreign Language Month
  • American Independence Month
  • National Anti Boredom Month
  • National Hay Month
  • Cell Phone Courtesy Month
  • Fireworks Safety Month
  • Eye Exam Month
  • Red, White, and Blue Month
  • Wild About Wildlife Month
  • National Culinary Arts Month
  • National Tennis Month
  • Read a Almanac Month
  • National Outdoor Month
  • National Bison Month
  • California Salmon Month
  • National Mobility Month
  • Sandwich Generation Month


Week One
  • Freedom Week
  • Be Nice to Jersey Week
  • Great Circus Parade Week
  • Take Charge of Change Week
  • Prevention of Eye Injuries Awareness Week

Week Two
  • Music for Life Week
  • National Laughter Week
  • National Laundry Workers’ Week
  • Take Charge of Change Week
  • National Therapeutic Recreation Week
Week Three
  • Space Week
  • Promote Playful Professionalism Week
  • Lyme Disease Awareness Week
  • Coral Reef Awareness Week

Week Four
  • Equal parent’s week

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