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March 1 – Copycat Outback Bloom Sauce

March 2 – Oriental Dipping Sauce

March 3 – Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey Barbecue Sauce

March 4 – Hot Fudge Sauce

March 5 – Homemade Enchilada

Homemade Enchilada Sauce

March 6 – Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

March 7 – Caramel Cream Sauce

Cake Boss Caramel Cream Sauce

March 8 – Homemade Teriyaki Sauce

March 9 – Chipotle Sauce

March 10 – Authentic Greek Tzatziki

March 11 – How to Make Pesto

March 12 – Purpose Stir-Fry Sauce (Brown Garlic Sauce)

March 13 – Cilantro Jalapeno Dip

March 14 – Strawberry Sauce

March 15 – Homemade Tarter Sauce

March 16 – Nachos

March 17 – Sweet Onion Dip

Sweet Onion Dip/

March 18 – Roasted Poblano Cheese Sauce

March 19 – Greek Garlic Sauce Dip

March 20 – Italian Herb Dipping Sauce

March 21 – Great Grandma Pasta Sauce

March 22 – Sriracha Homemade

March 23 – Butterscotch Sauce

March 24 – Avocado Ranch Sauce

March 25 – Sweet Heat Meatball Sauce

March 26 – Vodka Cream Sauce

March 27 – Easy Blender Hollandaise Suace

March 28 – Homemade Teriyaki Sauce

March 29 – Mushroom Sauce

March 30 – 24 Dipping Sauces





March – 2015 Holidays

Mar 1 Sunday St. David’s Day Observance
Mar 2 Monday Texas Independence Day State holiday Texas
Mar 2 Monday Casimir Pulaski Day State holiday Illinois
Mar 2 Monday Read Across America Day Observance
Mar 3 Tuesday Town Meeting Day Vermont State holiday
Mar 5 Thursday Purim Jewish holiday
Mar 6 Friday Employee Appreciation Day Observance
Mar 8 Sunday Daylight Saving Time starts Clock change/Daylight Saving Time
Mar 17 Tuesday St. Patrick’s Day Observance
Mar 17 Tuesday Evacuation Day State holiday Massachusetts
Mar 20 Friday March equinox Season
Mar 25 Wednesday Maryland Day Local observance Maryland
Mar 26 Thursday Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day State holiday Hawaii
Mar 29 Sunday Palm Sunday Christian
Mar 30 Monday Seward’s Day State holiday Alaska
Mar 31 Tuesday César Chávez Day State holiday CA, CO*, TX*


March Birth Stone – Aquamarine

March Birth Flower is – Daffodil


Pisces February 19 – March 20 – Pisces have an unrivaled talent for story telling or anything artistic for that matter. They also have a great capacity for love and the depth with which they feel sometimes makes them extremely sensitive. So be very careful when relating to a loved one born under the Pisces zodiac sign as a harmless remark can prove to be incredibly hurtful to them. 

Aries March 21-April 19 – Aries is fiery self-will in action; pioneering energy; new growth seeking to emerge. The house where your Aries rules is where you will be challenged to grow and learn; where new things will keep emerging. Here you throw yourself into physical activity.

Information obtained from –

Food Holidays

March is National Month

  • Youth Art Month
  • Family Fun Month
  •  International Women’s Month
  • Cabin Fever Month
  • Foot Health Month
  • National Craft Month
  • National Baby Month
  • National Kidney Month
  • National Optimism Month
  • National Peanut Month
  • National Nutrition Month
  • Dolphin Awareness Month
  • Music in Our Schools Month
  • American Red Cross Month
  • Preschool Education Month
  • International Mirth Month
  • International Science Month
  • National Middle School Month
  • Honor Society Awareness Month
  • Deaf History Month
  • Improve Management Skills Month
  • Mental Retardation Awareness Month
  • National Kite Month
  • National Collision Awareness Month
  • Ethics Awareness Month
  • National Workplace Eye Health Month
  • Save Your Vision Month
  • Social Worker’s Month
  • National Humane Education Awareness
  • National Furniture Refinishing Month
  • Play the Recorder Month
  • National Feminine Improvement Month
  • International Listening Awareness Month
  • Help Someone See Month
  • National Women’s History Month
  • National Colonrectal Cancer Month
  • Irish-American Heritage Month
  • American Diabetes Alert Month
  • National Eye Donor Month
  • National Umbrella Month
  • Humorists are Artists Month
  • National Music in our schools Month
  • National Philatelic Society Month (means stamps)
  • National Rosacea Awareness Month
  • Parents Without Partners Founder’s Month
Week One
  • Bike Week
  • National Camp Week
  • Save your vision week
  • Human Resources Week
  • National Pancake Week
  • National Agriculture Week
  • Newspaper Education Week
  • Celebrate Your Name Week
  • National School Breakfast Week
  • Return the Borrowed Books Week
  • Conserve Water or Detect a Leak Week
  • Nation Professional Pet Sitters Week
  • National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week
  • National Foreign Language Week
  • National Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week
  • National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week
  • Nation Procrastinators Week
  • Volunteers of America Week
  • Autograph Collecting Week
Week Two
  • Girl Scout Week
  • Bubble Gum Week
  • Universal Women’s Week
  • Music in our Schools Week
  • Education Advocacy Week
  • Camp Fire Boys and Girls Week
  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Week
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week
  • National Older Persons Employment Week
Week Three
  • Straw Hat week
  • National Art week
  • Jobs for Teens Week
  • National Wildlife week
  • Clean your Closet Week
  • American Chocolate week
  • International Goof Off week
  • National Agriculture Week
  • National Spring Fever Week
  • Go Nuts Over Texas Peanuts Week
  • National Poison Prevention week
  • National Clutter Awareness Week
  • National Anonymous Giving Week
  • Schools Library Media Center Week
Week Four
  • National Bubble Week
  • National Cleaning Week
  • National Spring Fever Week
  • National Sleep Awareness week
  • National Clutter Awareness Week
  • National Second-Hand Shopping Week

March Awareness

  • National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (Blue or Brown) 
  • National Endometriosis Awareness Month (Peach or Yellow)
  • Save your Vision Month (Green)
  • Trisomy Awareness Month (Light Blue)
  • Workplace Eye Wellness Month (Green)
  • National Patient Safety Awareness Week March 7-13
  • National Problem Gambling Awareness Week March 7-13
  • National Sleep Awareness Week March 7-13 (Black)
  • National School Breakfast Week March 8-12
  • National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day March 10 (red)
  • World Kidney Day March 11 (Green)
  • National Poison Prevention Week March 14-20
  • Brain Awareness Week March 15-21 (Grey)
  • National Native American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day March 20 (Red)
  • American Diabetes Alert Day March 22 (Grey)
  • World Tuberculosis Day March 24 (Red)
  • Root Canal Awareness Week March 28 – April 3

You can find all my awareness ribbon graphics here:

March 28 – National Black Forest Cake Day



Black Forest Cake


Black Forest Cupcakes




Chocolate Whiskey Cupcakes

Cheesecake with Butter Caramel Apple Cinnamon Whiskey

March 26 – National Nougat Day 

Nougat Blanc with Almonds & Pistachios

Torrone -nougat


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